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DataPond Expands: Water Quality Monitoring Pilots Launched in India

Updated: Jul 4

DataPond Launches Water Quality Monitoring Pilots in India

DataPond, recently embarked on an exciting journey to India. CEO Itai and CTO Asaf spent two fruitful weeks in the subcontinent, launching two pivotal  Water Monitoring pilots aimed at revolutionizing water quality assessment, with the following design partners:


Rite Water Solutions: headquartered in Nagpur, Maharashtra, operates over 2000 water projects in multiple Indian states.

Desire Energy Pilot: Headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan. As one of India’s Fastest Growing Water Infrastructure and Management Companies, Desire Energy operates nationwide with over 2000 skilled professionals.


The three-month pilot promises exciting insights and valuable data. DataPond’s cutting-edge technology will empower water suppliers and policymakers to make informed decisions on where and when contamination occur in the water distribution network.

The committed and professional teams and leadership at both Rite Water Solutions and Desire Energy will help to ensure the success of the pilot.

Stay tuned for updates as we navigate this transformative journey together!

CEO Itai Arad and CTO Asaf Pras embarked on a journey to India - DataPond
CEO Itai Arad and CTO Asaf Pras at Rite Water

CEO Itai Arad and CTO Asaf Pras in Pilots Launched in India - DataPond
visiting one of the pilot location at Nagpur area

 CTO Asaf Pras - showing the Handheld Device - DataPond
Rite Water at training on the handheld device

 CTO Asaf Pras - Participant in tha Pilots in India - DataPond
training session at Desire Energy

The team fromDataPond end the team from India

DataPond at Desire Energy offices

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