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Transparency for Water Safety

DataPond offers the first real-time, continuous bio-contamination system enabling water suppliers and authorities to assure the safety of the water. 

Water quality is a major concern worldwide
  • 1.7 billion people globally use unsafe drinking water.

    The water crisis is getting worse, due to climate change and population growth.

    Microbial contamination of drinking water poses the greatest water-borne health risk.

    Water quality is also a problem for developed countries.

Water suppliers cannot ensure the provision of bio-safe water. complex water testing.
  • Coliform testing is complex, time-consuming, and costly, leading to infrequent testing, often limited to the water source rather than the entire distribution network.

    Old infrastructure and intermittent water pressure may cause contamination.

Water suppliers are operating in the dark -
DataPond enables a real-time view of water safety issues

Currently, there is no cost-effective, real-time sensor
for detecting biological contaminants in water.

Timely detection of contamination is crucial for effective treatment.

Main Features


In-line stationary, and handheld sensors

Low maintenance

Multiple real-time water parameters:

• Temperature • pH

• Conductivity • TDS

• DO • Turbidity

No skills or training required

Mobile app contamination levels display and alerts

Real-time chemicals contamination monitoring (soon)

Two Ripples
heat-map for the affected population - Suspected sources and contaminated

Management System:

Real-time alerts of biological contamination events.

Contamination source location estimation.

Downstream contamination alerts.

Our unique solution

Low-cost, real-time, continuous bio-contamination monitoring system

Stationary in-line Device

DataPond - Stationary in-line Device

Handheld Device

DataPond - Handheld Device

Relevant Industries & Use Cases

DataPond Relevant Industries - Water Suppliers & Regulators

Water Suppliers & Regulators

  • Drinking water 

  • Open water monitoring (rivers & lakes)

DataPond Relevant Industries - Commercial Facilities in Developing Countries

Commercial Facilities in Developing Countries 

  • Hotels

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Apartment buildings

DataPond Relevant Industries - Manufacturers & Farmers

Manufacturers & Farmers

  • Food & Beverages industry

  • Mining and heavy industry

  • Vegetable growers

Our partners and investors

Our team

The founding team is comprised of expert researchers and highly experienced entrepreneurs: 

Prof. Hadas Mamane, Chief Scientific Officer - DataPond

Prof. Hadas Mamane

Chief Scientific Officer

Water treatment expert.

Head of the Environmental Eng. program and Water-Energy Lab, Tel Aviv University

  • LinkedIn
Itai Arad, Chief Executive Officer - DataPond

Itai Arad

Chief Executive Officer

Over 30 years in management, including founding two technology start-ups in the medical and image recognition fields.

  • LinkedIn
Asaf Pras, Chief Technology Officer - DataPond

Asaf Pras

Chief Technology Officer

Water Sensing Expert. Ph.D. student in Environmental Eng. 

  • LinkedIn
Meir Morgenstern, Chief Product Officer - DataPond

Meir Morgenstern

Chief Product Officer

Serial entrepreneur, founder of CloudOn (Acq. by Dropbox), and former Dropbox Israel general manager.

  • LinkedIn

Dr. Lior Asaf


A global expert in water engineering and development with over 20 years of experience in the water field. Former Israel’s Water Attaché in India.

  • LinkedIn

Rajneesh Chopra


Global Business leader, Corporate strategy Policy Advocacy. Specialties: Global business Management , Water Management, wastewater management, waste to wealth , resource recovery Sustainability.

  • LinkedIn

Contact us

About DataPond

Professor Hadas Mamane and PhD candidate Asaf Pras from Tel Aviv University have successfully pioneered a groundbreaking technology for water safety verification after an extended period of rigorous research.


In collaboration with seasoned entrepreneurs Meir Morgenstern and Itai Arad, they established DataPond to advance this technology toward maturity and market deployment.


The collective passion of the founders is to provide bio-contamination transparency, to enable effective water treatment and assure its safety.

DataPond - water safety verification. provide bio-contamination transparency, to enable effective water treatment and assure its safety

Our Proprietary Technology

Following years of research at Tel-Aviv University, 
DataPond developed a revolutionary data-driven proprietary solution:

DataPond - Technology

Sensor comprises 6 physical parameters obtained from conventional low-cost sensors

ML model trained on proprietary water parameters data sets

Actionable Insights

Real-time Biological & Chemicals contamination management: 

  • Alerts

  • Predictions

  • Statistics

  • Trends

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