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Why DataPond?

The World Health Organization states that at least 2 billion people use contaminated drinking water sources.

This number is expected to increase with population growth and climate change.

Unsafe drinking water is responsible for the daily death rate of more than 800 children under the age of 5 years, mostly as a result of microbial contamination.

Current methods for detecting fecal coliforms require taking a sample to a certified lab and waiting for 1-3 days for the results.

It is a slow, cumbersome, and expensive process.

Consequently, the tests are performed at a low frequency and only in a limited number of locations.

Therefore, water suppliers and health authorities have very little information about water safety and hence cannot perform the necessary steps in time and place to fix the contamination occurrences. 

Today, there is no real-time, in-situ, low-cost sensor for sensing biological contamination in water.

Our Solution:

DataPond developed cutting-edge technology of real-time water quality monitoring to ensure the safety of the water.

Following years of research at Tel Aviv University, DataPond has developed

low-cost, real-time, in-situ AI-based sensors of microbial presence (!) and various other parameters.

The low-cost sensor can be massively deployed closer to the point-of-use, enabling water suppliers, for the 1st time, to know when bio-contamination is building up and to take measures to fix it- in a timely manner and at minimal costs.

The system will also provide warnings in advance to the population downstream.


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